The requirements for a top CFO have evolved quickly from a transactional, data-reporting role to one now responsible for strategic management of the organization’s assets.

What are the characteristics we see top CFOs bringing to their organizations? 这份榜单与顶级ceo的特质非常相似——这是有道理的. The requirements for a top CFO have evolved quickly from a transactional, data-reporting role to one now responsible for strategic management of the organization’s assets.

A CFO must be able to not only outline for the CEO and board how the organization is currently faring but also forecast strategic directions and their potential impact. To do so, he or she needs tools you might not consider for a CFO role.


A CFO must deliver a broad company and industry perspective and project and analyze new opportunities and competitive challenges. 他或她开发战略场景, 让他们与公司的愿景保持一致, 并成为首席执行官和董事会值得信赖的顾问.


CFOs must be able to communicate complex financial scenarios to nonfinancial executives and owners/investors in a way that supports good decision-making – turning information into insight. A CFO with emotional intelligence has the self-awareness to recognize that communication styles may need to change for different audiences without becoming defensive or impatient.


首席财务官通常领导一个团队, but leadership extends beyond supervisory responsibilities for direct reports. 领导 includes the ability to inspire others companywide to support a vision or goal, 一路指导他们, 并帮助消除实现这些目标的障碍.


A top CFO incorporates creativity within legal and regulatory boundaries to explore ways a company’s assets can be used for maximum benefit. 什么时候成立合资企业有战略意义? 做一个收购? 进军国外市场? 上市或寻求私募股权投资? These kinds of recommendations require a keen intelligence and the ability to see past “what we’ve always done.”


These characteristics typically aren’t emphasized in accounting classes. They’re far beyond the technical fundamentals that accounting and finance professionals are first expected to master. 那’s why the step from a mid-level or even top finance and accounting position to the CFO job is such a big one. After the technical skills and job mastery requirements are taken care of, there’s often little time to address and earn the benefit of more abstract “soft skills.”

马乔里·恩格尔, AGH senior vice president of organizational development and 家族企业 services, notes that emotional intelligence and strategic thinking are often the most difficult skills to develop for future (or current) CFOs. She recommends that those with an eye on the top finance job incorporate education and reading on strategy alongside their more technical training. 那, 以及对个人特征的评估, such as emotional intelligence and people skills (followed by coaching if needed), can help build the kind of comprehensive perspective a top CFO offers.

祝贺今年的年度CFO获奖者, 也感谢那些有远见雇佣他们的公司.

Originally written for publication in the 威奇托 业务 Journal’s CFO of the Year insert.


This is a momentous ruling that could have a significant impact on businesses of all sizes. Companies need to begin outlining the impacts for those already in place and be aware of additional changes likely to come. 这可能意味着要修改商业模式, 计算纳税义务的IT系统和内部流程.

Your AGH tax advisor and AGH tax senior vice president Jerry Capps are available to discuss how this ruling could impact your business. 可以通过以下信息联系到Jerry. We will continue to provide updates as new information becomes available.



保罗•艾伦(保罗•艾伦)曾担任艾伦,吉布斯的首席执行官 & Houlik L.C. 自1987年以来(太阳集团城官方). He was the managing partner of a national accounting firm’s 威奇托 office until AGH’s founding members created an independently owned firm to more effectively serve closely held, entrepreneurial companies and public sector entities in the central U.S.

Paul is a certified public accountant and in addition to audit and accounting, he has an extensive background in business mergers and acquisitions, 战略规划, 金融结构, 运作检讨及订立合约. He served 15 years on the Kansas Board of Accountancy, including four terms as chairman. He is a past president of the Kansas Society of CPAs 威奇托 chapter and an active leader in numerous civic and professional organizations.

目前, Paul serves on the executive committees of the Greater 威奇托 Partnership and the 威奇托 Community Foundation, 也是救世军的顾问委员会成员. He previously served as chairman and board member for the 威奇托 Regional Chamber of Commerce, 大威奇托经济发展联盟和访问威奇托. He is a member of the 威奇托 Rotary Club and is a Paul Harris Fellow.

Paul is a 威奇托 State University alumnus and serves on the advisory council for the WSU W. 弗兰克巴顿商学院. He previously served on the boards and as chairman and president respectively for the WSU Foundation and the WSU Alumni Association. Paul was honored in 2012 with the WSU Foundation Board of Trustees Award and in 2006 with the Alumnus Recognition Award.

He has been heavily involved with United Way of the Plains over the years, currently serving on the board and previously serving the organization as board chair, 年度竞选主席和托克维尔主席. Paul was named an Executive of the Year in 2020 by the 威奇托 业务 Journal, inducted into the Junior Achievement of 威奇托 业务 Hall of Fame in 2015 and recognized as one of 50 Kansans You Should Know in Ingram’s magazine.

领导者不是天生的,而是后天培养的. 谁在帮助你的人民?